Counter-Strike Online 2

Updates summary log

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Press the link above to open the page where you can download Counter-Strike Online 2 (prepared for playing on EU/RU Server). It already includes all updates mentioned on this page.

List of all changes:

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1) English translation. English loading screens in Z Crush, Z Crush Side and Mabinogi Heroes.

2) New weapons: SG550 Sniper Old, AKM Special, AKM Panda, AR-57 Magpie, AWM Panda Gold, AWM Blue Eagle, Desert Eagle Blue Eagle, QBS-09 China, T86 Taiwan, T91 Taiwan, AWM Taiwan Gold, AUG Opal, SG552 Opal, AK-47 Taiwan CBT, M4A1 Taiwan CBT.

3) Exclusive EU/RU Server weapons: AK-47 Black, Nata Knife (only for Zombie and Zombie Zeta, located inside Seal Knife in Buy Menu), M9 Bayonet Crystal, Glock 18C Flame, Colt M1911A1 Flame and Beretta MX4 Storm Flame, QCW-05.

4) New outfit accessories. Incomplete list of accessories can be found on 25 april 2019 update page.

5) New sprays. Full list of new sprays can be found on 04/06 may 2019 and on 29/23 november 2019 update pages.

6) New game modes: Gun TDM, Pig 1.3, Ghost, TDM Special, RPG Battle, DIY, Z City, Z City Team (4+ players), Campaign (Tutorial), Mabinogi Heroes, Gunball, Hide'n'Seek Ice, Zombie Commander, Flag capture.

7) Big City map can now be played in Z City mode. Loot Map can be found there. In total: 356 loot boxes, 57 cars, 23 weapons, 11 mutation machines.

8) Old maps can now be played without any errors. Map list 1 can be found there.

9) Game modes that support bots now marked with the BOT icon. PVE game modes now marked with PVE icon.

10) Now bots are using four skins. CT: GIGN, SAS, 707, SAS (LE). TR: Arctic, Leet, Phoenix, Arcitc (LE).

11) Weapons balance overhaul. Check Weapons Table to see the new stats.

12) Old weapons textures HD enhancement. All old textures were replaced for a better variants.

13) Weapons (63 in total) from SA2 are ported into the game. You can take a look at them there and there.

14) Weapons (62 in total) from GITS:FA are ported into the game. You can take a look at them there and there.

15) Clan icons (33 in total) from SA2 are added into the game. You can take a look at them there.

16) You can now play Zombie Boss daily missions by creating a new room with desired gamemode.

17) Sudden Attack 2 characters (2 in total) are ported into the game. You can take a look at them there.

18) Custom restrictions are added in Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch gamemodes. You can take a look at them there.

19) More lobby backgrounds were created. You can take a look at them there.

20) Completely new PVP zombie gamemode "Zombie (RE)". You can read about it there.

21) Other changes and important fixes.

★ All updates are prepared by Organner ★

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