Counter-Strike Online 2

UPDATE: 31 january 2021


What's new (server side):

1) Boss Daily Mission UI.
Now you can start boss daily missions properly (through the main menu of the game). That mean that you can see the rewards and how much attempts is left for each mission today. Attempts reset happens at 0:00 Moscow time (GMT+3).

2) Hide'n'Seek UI.
Now you can use a "Hide'n'Seek Info" tab. There you can see how much matches you play. Hide'n'Seek rank is assigned depending on that amount (Newbie: 0; Rookie: 37+; Expert: 61+; Master: 104+; Veteran: 210+). You can change your transformation style (Hide'n'Seek 2) to Special after you reach an Expert rank. Also you can unlock and select more Item/Skill sets (Hide'n'Seek 2) as your rank goes up.

3) Prop Collection UI.
Now you can use a "Prop Collection" tab to see the completion progress of props and collections. Also you can receive a huge reward for a full completion of a collection (not just a single prop from it). To complete the props you need to do the following actions: 1. Transform into the prop; 2. Survive as a prop; 3. Kill the prop.

4) Enhancement Lab improvements.
Now an equipped skills in Enhancement Lab work in the game. Also few more skills to learn were added for Humans:
1. Quick Switch: move xx% more faster after switching from MG to other weapon;
2. Boss Slayer: xx% more damage to bosses from headshots;
3. Regeneration: xx% more faster HP recovery speed;
4. Initial Funding: get xx more dollars on the game start.

5) Leveling Rewards UI.
Now you can use a "Leveling Rewards" tab of Supply Warehouse of the main menu. There you can use a Points Receiver that you receive everytime you level up. The amount of points you can obtain depends on your luck. However, the higher your level, the more points you will receive for leveling up. For example:
1. If you reach a level 2 you can obtain the following numbers of points: 3570/3213/2856/2499/2142;
2. If you reach a level 100 you can obtain the following numbers of points: 24377/21939/19501/17063/14626;
3. If you reach a level 200 you can obtain the following numbers of points: 176617/158955/141293/123631/105970.
NOTE: If you already have a high level you will not receive the rewards for all previous levels in order to not blow up the game economics.

What's new (client side):

1) More backgrounds.
Few more free backgrounds were added: 1. Aquarium; 2. Aztec; 3. Diner; 4. Estate; 5. Laboratory; 6. Office; 7. Prodigy; 8. Sewer; 9. Storm; 10. Tides; 11. Trainyard.

2) New map is added.
Now you can play the map called TESTZONE_TRANSITION2 in Team Deathmatch and TDM Mutation gamemodes. This map was taken from an old version of the game and restored. This map is a variation of ZD_INTERNAL but without the zombies.
NOTE: Map doesn't have a minimap image yet and it is kinda hard to draw it. If you can draw it then write me a private message.
NOTE: Don't forget to keep the Lighting setting not higher than Medium/High otherwise your game will crash.

3) No more cheating.
Now you cannot enter the game if: 1. Your game version is outdated; 2. You are using a launcher with allowed cheat commands.

4) Small changes.
1. Now bots in DIY gamemode will stand still in the building phase in order to not mess up the building process.
2. Now you have only 1 minimap in Zombie Commander gamemode (when playing as Zombie Commander) instead of 2 overlapping minimaps.
3. Now if you play a Competitve gamemode your accessories (besides the gloves) will be detached and your character will be forced to the one of 4 default characters for each team. This was made to get a serious/professional Counter-Strike experience in that specific gamemode. If you want to play with accessories and non-default characters you can always play an Original gamemode.
4. Now there are few more achievements to get:
• Allies supplier (Donate weapons to allies 75 times);
xx-Class Mutant (Activate xx mutations in Zombie Zeta and TDM Mutation gamemodes).

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