Counter-Strike Online 2

UPDATE: 29 october 2020


What's new:

1) Small changes.
1. Losing team in a 'Gun TDM (RE)' gamemode will not receive an extra HP to prevent the situations with 300+ HP players. Default 'Gun TDM' gamemode is not changed.
2. Recently spawned players with godmode in 'TDM Special' gamemode will have a missing outline like it was done in a 'Team Deathmatch' gamemode.

2) Yuri (COLOR) now have a special default gloves.
Gloves were made by Nexon but stayed unused for a long time.

3) Gamemode 'Zombie Commander' is added.
Gamemode was made by Nexon but was broken and unused. Organner repaired the gamemode and now it is fully playable on 2 maps: ZC_TRAINYARD and ZC_LABORATORY. There are two teams: Zombie Commander (1 person) and Humans. In a nutshell, the goal of Zombie Zommander is to produce the zombies to kill all Humans. NOTE: if you play as Zombie Commander you have to set Shader setting to Low otherwise you won't be able to control the camera properly. Also, to play the maps ZC_TRAINYARD and ZC_LABORATORY everyone have to set Lighting setting not higher than Medium.

4) Gamemode 'Flag capture' is added.
Gamemode was made by Organner from scratch. You can find it as a submode in 'Team Deathmatch' gamemode. The goal of teams in 'Flag capture' gamemode is to bring the flag from the middle of the map to their bases. The first team to bring the required amount of flags wins.

5) Submode 'Swap spawns' is added.
You can find this submode in 'Original' and 'Competitive' gamemodes. Gameplay is unchanged but CT team spawns at TR spawn points and vice versa.

6) Lighting issues on first person weapons are fixed.
Fix was made by S.t.v.o.l. It changes vmt, vtf and models of first person weapons to fix the visual bug that Nexon's shader creates.

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