Counter-Strike Online 2

UPDATE: 25 april 2019

What's new:

1) New fancy login screen. Now it is limiting username length to 10 characters and password to 3 characters to avoid known crashes.

2) Game mode Mabinogi Heroes is properly working now. As a downside, it brings some bugs to HUD of other game modes: text is misplaced.
About game mode: This is a PVE mode where you need to survive 20 waves of monsters. If 30 monsters reach the temple, you fail.

3) All outfit accessories (skins) from other versions are added to the game. Update is also including unreleased gloves from Japanese version of the game - Leather Gloves (working on EU/RU Server). Examples of added/fixed accessories: Sunflower, Kim Min-kyo Mask, Peking Opera Mask, Ancient Rings, Classic Gloves, Hellfire Circle, Blue Phoenix Wings, Blue Crow Trail, Gamania Trail, Mabinogi Spray, and more...

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