Counter-Strike Online 2

UPDATE: 29 november 2019


What's new:

1) Master Server side:

1.1) Crafting is introduced.
• You can access crafting from the 'Lobby' > 'Combination'.
• Currently, you can craft B (750 Points required), A (1500 Points required) and S (2250 Points required) class weapon skins. If you have a VIP status combination fee won't be applied.
• The more weapon skins you select for combination, the higher the odds of getting a new weapon skin of a better class. For example, if you combine 4 of 4 C class weapon skins your odds for a B class weapon skin will be 100%. And if you combine 3 of 4 C class weapon skins your odds for a B class weapon skin will be only 75%. Combination odds can be found in the 'Lobby' > 'Combination' > 'By Recipe' tab and in the table below.

1.2) Weapons Disassembling enhancement.
• Now you can disassemble all weapon skins that were not disassemblable before.
• Disassembling rewards odds were slightly changed. Now you can expect more rewards from disassembling. You can see the new odds in the table below.

1.3) Playtime Rewards enhancement.
• Now you can accumulate your playtime by playing in a current day, and not in a session. This mean you can enter the game in any time in the same day and continue to accumulate playtime to earn a rewards.
• There are 8 playtime rewards: for 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180, 210 and 240 minutes. Rewards count will be reset at 0:00 MSK (UTC +03). You can see the daily playtime rewards in the table below.

2) Client Side:

2.1) Thirteen cute and funny sprays are added.
• All arts for the new sprays made by Nexon artists: SAS (Kimono) Spray, Leet (Kimono) Spray, Mao (Kimono) Spray, Lisa (Kimono) Spray, Heather Spray, Sonya Spray, Marie Spray, Natalie Spray, Emma Spray, Tammy Spray, Helga Spray, Naomi Spray, Choi Ji Yoon Spray.
• Quality of three old sprays is enhanced: SAS Spray, GIGN Spray, Miu Spray.

2.2) An attempt to make bots more clever was made.
• After changing view radius and reaction time of bots, I hope bots won't be as stupid now as they were before.

UPDATE: 23 november 2019


What's new:

1) Master Server side:

1.1) Cases Opening is introduced.
• All existing weapon skins are removed from users inventories and equally splitted between 15 weapons cases.
• To open the cases go into the 'Lobby' > 'Supply Warehouse' > 'Cases Opening'.
• To buy cases for a Points go into 'Inventory' > 'Item' and press 'Use' on one of the offers.
• To obtain cases (and coins) for free you should play for 30, 60, 90, ..., 600 minutes and finish the games properly. After 600 minutes of playing in one session you won't be able to obtain any rewards anymore, because you will need to have a rest from the game. In the next game session you will be able to obtain those rewards once again.
• There is also a 'Characters Case' that includes all 50 ingame characters (excluding default ones) and won't drop you any duplicates.
• Each opened case gives you 1 Mileage, thus you will always know how much cases you opened on your account.
• You will receive one piece of each case (16 in total) on your first login after update.
• Items drop odds can be found in (1.4).

1.2) Coins Exchange is introduced.
• You can obtain coins (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Red) from weapons cases.
• You can obtain coins for the play time as described above in (1.1).
• Coins are also obtainable from items disassembling.
• Coins are exchangeable for Points in 'Lobby' > 'Supply Warehouse' > 'Coins Exchange'.

1.3) Weapons Disassembling is introduced.
• To disassemble a weapon skin go into 'Inventory', find the weapon skin that can be disassembled and press the button 'Disass.' to open the disassembling menu.
• Some weapons skins can't be disassembled and there is nothing I can do with it. This is how Nexon made the game.
• You may not receive a desired reward if you disassembled a lowest quality [C] weapon skin.
• Disassembling odds and rewards can be found in (1.4).

1.4) Overall about new systems.
Information about cases, coins, characters and disassembling can be checked in this file made especially for EU/RU Server. Also you can watch the video below to understand how everything works.

1.5) Now the Bot Mode and Weapon Restriction icons should appear in the room list. Also the third icon of closed eye can appear between those icons (if suboption 'Disable observing' of 'Spectating' option is enabled in Hide'n'Seek and Mad City Team gamemodes).

1.6) Now the Enhancement Lab does work.
• Now by playing a zombie related gamemodes (Zombie, Zombie House, Zombie Zeta, Ghost, Zombie Crush, Z Crush Side and Endless Wave) you can gain not only the player EXP, but also a Lab EXP.
• Max level in Human Lab is 40, max level in Zombie Commander Lab is 45.
• Upgraded/selected skills works only in Zombie Commander gamemode which is currently unavailable. But at least the Enhancement Lab is working already and you can start gain Lab EXP right now.
• Like a default EXP, Lab EXP will be received only if the game was properly started and finished. You can check this file to see how much Lab EXP is needed for an each level.

1.7) Whenever a room is created or removed, your room list will be immediately updated. Now you don't need to update it manually.

2) Client Side:

2.1) Added required game files and required english lang file to support the systems described above.

2.2) Fixed ingame texture error on Steyr TMP Spray that Nexon didn't bother to fix when the game was online.

2.3) Fixed ingame texture error on Kenji hand when using Classic Gloves that Nexon didn't bother to fix when the game was online.

2.4) There were almost identical textures for Mk18 Mod1 Spray/Paint and for AKM Spray/Paint, so I decided to change the color of the Paint variation in those skins to make them more different from each other.

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