Counter-Strike Online 2

UPDATE: 16 june 2020


What's new:

1) Unused characters skins were added.
Choi Ji Yoon (COLOR) and Yuri (COLOR) skins were found in the game files but with missing hand textures and missing icons.
Missing things were made and added to the game files.
These characters can be obtained from the 'Characters Case'.

2) Red Coin was enhanced.
Now you can get 14,000 Points from a Red Coin instead of 10,000 P. This makes Red Coin more rewarding than before.

3) Hide'n'Seek Ice was restored.
In this gamemode objects cannot simply die, since they turn into a block of ice instead.
Objects can unfreeze freezed objects by a simple touch.

4) New weapons were added into the new cases.
Now you can purchase 2 new cases consisting of weapons ported from GITS:FA (Ghost in the Shell: First Assault).
Sounds and animations were reused from CSO2.
As other weapon cases, new cases can also drop duplicates.
In total: 9 new S-class skins, 16 new A-class skins, 18 new B-class skins.
GITS:FA weapons without skins were added to users' inventories (AI L118A GITS, CZ Scorpion EVO 3 GITS, SIG MPX GITS and others).

5) Few characters textures were enhanced.
I investigated different old versions of the game and found full-size textures for few characters that Nexon forgot to resize in time (to save some space). Those high-quality textures were added back to the game.
Enhanced characters textures: Heather - 4096x2048 (was 2048x1024), Marie (COLOR) - 4096x2048 (was 2048x1024), Arctic - 4096x2048 (was 2048x1024), Tammy (COLOR) - 4096x2048 (was 2048x1024).

6) Added missing space in the usernames.
If you play Hide'n'Seek gamemodes and write to a team chat you can see that there is no space between username and object name. Space was added to make sure that no perfectionists will be hurt when seeing it.

V) Update video can be watched on YouTube.

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