Counter-Strike Online 2

UPDATE: 14 march 2021

What's new (server side):

1) Ingame host transfer works.
Now if host of the room quit the game or crash, host rights will be transferred to another player and the match will continue. As usual, new room host should have antivirus / firewall / defender disabled and be in the same network with other players, otherwise some players won't be able to continue the match since connection to new host won't be established.
NOTE: If the new host lost an incoming packet with the gamedata, he will stuck in the loading state until he write "disconnect" in console. At this point players won't be able to continue the match and will be returned to the lobby automatically.
NOTE: "Thanks" to the Nexon, some gamemodes do not allow host transfer. Supported gamemodes table below.

2) Black Market works.
Now you can access the Black Market 5 times per full day to purchase the items directly instead of cases opening. Since you can just come and buy what you need instead of getting lucky with cases, the prices in the Black Market are also higher. Items in Black Market are randomly generated, that means 5 different sets of purchasable items per full day. See the table of items and opening times (Moscow time (GMT+3)) below.

3) New achievements added.
Now you can earn different achievements in PVE, Z City, Zombie, Ghost and Gunball gamemodes.

4) Small changes / fixes.
1. Now the game starts for ready players of the room only when host finish an initial loading (10-15%). That prevents situations when players of the room finished an initial loading faster than the host.
2. Now VIP6 players will get 50% Points and Cash boost instead of 20%.
3. Prices of the Megaphones in Shop are greatly reduced. Feel free to use them more often.
4. Clan owners can kick clan members (/ckick username) or get the members list (/clist) by typing the commands in the Clan chat.
5. Bug fixes.

What's new (client side):

1) New skins case.
New Light-blue Case includes skins for default Counter-Strike Online 2 weapons such as Bushmaster ACR, Radon MSBS, QBZ-95, M16A4 and others. In total: 2 [S] skins recreated from Nexon concept arts, 3 [A] skins, 27 [B] Camo skins. All skins besides [A] Bushmaster ACR MK42 and [A] AK-47 Old Skull were made s.t.v.o.l.

2) Maps redesign in some gamemodes.
1. Now you can play an enhanced DE_NUKE (more props were placed on the map) in Hide'n'Seek Origin gamemode.
2. Now you can play an enhanced CS_ESTATE (more hiding spots were added to the map, fog were changed to the more natural one, vents were shortened) in Zombie Zeta gamemode.

3) Ping displaying was added.
Now you can see a ping on screen if you toggled "Show FPS" in the game setting.
Format: "xx fps (yy ms), Ping: zz ms".
Where xx is FPS, yy is Frame time and zz is Ping.
NOTE: Displayed ping is calculated from the packets delay between your PC and the room host PC. That ping is not equal to the ping you can get with the console "ping" command, which adds extra 30 and more milliseconds to a real ping value.

4) Discord Rich Presence (RPC) was added.
Now the game icon, username, level, time and amount of users on the server will be displayed in the Discord status if you allowed to show the game activity in Discord settings.
NOTE: If you level up or used "Username Change" item after logging in, your RPC data will not be updated until the next game relaunch. So, after logging in only amount of players on the server will be updated in the RPC data.

5) 2 melee weapons were added.
Now you can play with 2 new melee weapons from Sudden Attack 2: Katana and Sledgehammer. Katana's left click / right click damage: 75 / 120. Hammer's left click / right click damage: 71 / 82. Weapons animated by s.t.v.o.l.
NOTE: You can find these weapons inside the Kukri knife.

6) Small changes / fixes.
1. Now big maps HM_MULTI01 and BIGCITY_MAIN will immediately load high resolution textures instead of "optimized" LOD loading (improves the visuals a lot).
2. Some visual bugs on weapons' textures / models were fixed.
3. Now scopes of weapons will have a reflections in them if graphics settings are high enough.
4. An attempt to fix the hands clipping in animations of weapons like HK MP5 was made.
5. A bipod was added to PKM models since PKM icons has it but the models were missing it.

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