Counter-Strike Online 2

UPDATE: 14 december 2019


What's new:

1) Master Server side:

1.1) Added ability to transfer a room host rights.
• If you have a room host rights you can transfer them to another player.
• To transfer a room host rights write in a room chat "/host %username%", where %username% is a new host's username. Username is case-sensitive.

1.2) Added ability to completely mute the chat.
• If you annoyed that your game is crashing due to incoming chat packets, or if you just don't want to read any messages you can mute the chat.
• To mute and unmute the chat write "/mute" in any chat. This will temporarily change your personal status and mute the messages, including Win and Megaphone messages.

1.3) Important bugfixes and improvements.

2) Client Side:

2.1) One new spray is added.
• In the previous update I forgot to include a second Miu spray variation. Although they looks almost the same, but details are different. Comparison is shown below.

2.2) New gamemode is added: Gunball.
• There are the same rules like in a soccer, but you have to shoot the ball instead of kicking it. At least 2 players required to start the game, because bots have no idea how to play it.

2.3) Existing gamemode is enhanced: DIY.
• There were default maps before and bots were not available. Now there are three maps created for this gamemode and bots are enabled (although they can't buy a guns).

2.4) New maps are added to PVP gamemodes.
• Big thanks to JackyNKL for restoring the old CSO2 maps that were not launchable. Although the lighting is not perfect on them, I tried my best to make them looks proper and to make all players models well visible.
• PVP maps are: aim_dust, dm_sewer2, duel_diner (also available in Hide'n'Seek Origin). Look for them in TDM, Gun TDM and other gamemodes.
• These maps working properly only with Lighting setting "Low". Change this in options, otherwise your game may crash or maps may be too bright.

2.5) New custom weapon is added: QCW-05.
• This is a second completely new weapon after the Nata Knife.
• The QCW-05 is a suppressed bullpup submachine gun, manufactured and developed by the People's Liberation Army (PLA) 208 Research Institute and Jianshe Industries (Group) Corporation of Chongqing under the China South Industries Group. This weapon is designed for the 5.8x21mm DCV05 sub-sonic round.
• You can find this weapon in the Daewoo K1A section. It have the same price but different stats.

Σ) An update video, showcasing the maps and gamemodes.
• Click this link or a picture below to check it.

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