Counter-Strike Online 2

UPDATE: 09 april 2020


What's new:

1) Quick Start system is now working.
You can use this system to quickly join a room with desired gamemode (if it exists).
If less than 3 rooms with desired gamemode are available there will be an empty "ghost" room that will allow you to quickly create a new room without going to "Custom Game" and selecting Server and Channel.

2) Megaphones are working as intended right now.
You can go to the shop and buy desired type of megaphone.
There are 3 types of megaphones in the game, but since online is low only 2 types are available: Global Megaphone and Channel Megaphone. Check the table below to see the differences.

3) "Transformation Machine Slot" is added to the shop.
If you become a prop in Hide'n'Seek gamemodes, this item allow you to permanently use a third slot of Transformation Machine.

4) Now you can kick a player from the room's lobby.
Admin and GMs cannot be kicked from the room.

5) Friend List is now working (partially).
Implemented functions: 1] Send friendship request. 2] Accept/Decline friendship request. 3] Create group. 4] Rename Group (takes effect after re-login). 5] Delete group (takes effect after re-login). 6] Move friend to group. 7] Send invitation to the room. 8] Accept/Decline invitation to the room. 9] Follow friend. 10] When friend changes his username / status / activity (playing / online / offline) it will be automatically updated in your list. 11] If friend will decline invitation to the room or user will accept/decline friendship request you will see a notification in chat.
Currently, "last seen" of offline friends will always be displayed as "Recent".

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