Counter-Strike Online 2

FIX: 06 may 2019

What's new:

1) Added 2 missing sprays: Lisa (SWIM) 2 Spray & Mila (SWIM) 2 Spray.

2) Fixed Lynn icon in Mabinogi Heroes game mode.

3) Slightly decreased Machine Guns bullets spread (MG3, M1918 Bar, M60E4).

UPDATE: 04 may 2019

What's new:

1) New M9 Bayonet Crystal [S] Skin. Already installed on EU/RU Server.

2) New sprays (22). All cartoonish arts (21) were made by Nexon in the past. Arts were so good so I decided to cut them and add as sprays to the game. All sprays already installed on EU/RU Server.

3) Also now you can see server online on this page.

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