Counter-Strike Online 2

UPDATE: 03 october 2020


What's new:

1) Clan sorting is fixed.
Now "Week ranking" is sorting the clans the same way as "Total Ranking" instead of random sorting.
Now "Creation Date" is sorting the clans correctly according to the creation date.

2) Character Emma (SWIM) should properly close the eyes on dying now.

3) Added ability to select weapon restrictions in Zombie, Zombie House, Zombie Zeta, Gunball gamemodes.

4) Added custom restrictions in Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch gamemodes:
- Headshot only
- Shotgun only
- SMG only
- Headshot only
- A. Rifle only
- MG only
- G. Launcher only

5) Campaign is enhanced.
Campaign was moved under the Campaign function of the Main menu.
Campaign completion will give you free rewards (once per account).

6) Added 2 achievements for Campaign:
- Pigeons hater (Kill all pigeons in one game (Campaign: 1))
- Ready to operate (Complete all chapters of campaign)

7) Added 2 default pistols from GITS:FA:
- BUL Storm GITS

8) Added M4A1 Old from the 2012 Closed Beta Test of the game.

9) Bots in Do It Yourself gamemode can now buy any weapons after the round start (they used only pistols before).

10) Added 2 characters from Sudden Attack 2 to Characters Case:
- Miya (TR)
- Kim (CT)

11) Room list is enhanced.
Difficulty of Zombie Crush rooms was moved to the room name and recolored (it was displayed in the map name before).
Custom restrictions are displayed in the room name and colored.
Room name and map name will always fit to the field they are in.

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