Counter-Strike Online 2

UPDATE: 03 july 2021

What's new:

Small changes that no one will notice and fixes of bugs that no one knew about:

1) Discord RPC was heavily modified. Uninformative text field "xx of 900 players" was removed, what sadly led to the removal of "Invite" button. However, a lot more informative text field was added and now you can see a greatly detailed user status (in room, in game, gamemode, etc).

2) Hide'n'Seek gamemodes were a bit enhanced:
2.1) Hide'n'Seek Origin: Bots-props will no longer spin around to be easily noticed and no longer use unwanted radio commands.
2.2) Hide'n'Seek Zero: New random event "Chickens" was added. The goal is to eat fruits to gain HP to kill other chickens. Chickens from first team with more HP can kill a chickens from second team with less HP.
2.3) Hide'n'Seek 2: Removed ability to accidentally drop your weapon since it immediately disappears.
Now non Hide'n'Seek 2 (non HS2_xxxx) maps which don't have a prop selection room are also supported. Prop will be randomly selected after 5 seconds after the round start.
Added ability to play HM_MULTI01 map.
2.4) "Survival bonus" in Hide'n'Seek gamemodes were moved to a different place because it was overlapping with the minimap when pressing the TAB key.

3) Fixed a bug of incorrect amount of money in Original and Competitive gamemodes when creating the game through the Quick Start instead of Custom Game.

4) Now in gamemode Mabinogi Heroes you get 16.000$ at the start instead of 800$, so you don't have to struggle with the HK USP until you get enough money for a real guns.

5) Fixed a bug that led to inability to receive a rewards for winning in Mabinogi Heroes.

6) Setting "Fixed radar direction" is now enabled by default and can no longer be disabled. Disabling this option were leading to the incorrect safe zone display in gamemodes and maps that has a safe zone.

7) Slider "Max FPS" can now be selected from 1 to 999 instead of 1 to 240.

8) Now you can use a config file that will be automatically executed after the game launch. You can find that config in "game_folder/custom/cfg/autoexec.txt". You cannot use cheat commands inside of it, but you can use other useful commands if you know some.

9) Added important notes to the descriptions of DIY, Zombie Commander, Zombie House and Zombie Zeta gamemodes.

10) Added important notes to the descriptions of the following items: Wrench, Wrench Gold, Wrench Black, Light Zombie Wreath and Heavy Zombie Helmet.

11) All characters were equaled. All of them (even default ones) now have 1% passive health regeneration.

12) Removed ability to buy Net Launcher in zombie gamemodes, since it were permanently breaking the speed and jump height of captured zombies.

13) Added the detailed times of Black Market opening to the game interface.

14) Now the property "Elapsed time" of the rooms is properly counting the minutes in game.

15) Now you can use a chat command "/online" to check the current online in the game.
Now you can use a chat command "/password" to check the current password of the room if you are the host (both in lobby and in game).

16) Added the number of channel and room to the room (lobby) interface.
If you press TAB ingame you will see a full name of server, channel and room above the minimap.

17) Since all accessories on the server are equal, EXP and Points boost mentions were removed from the items descriptions.

18) After Black Market release, rare items became a lot easier to get. The prices in Black Market were increased to motivate players to open more cases and not wait for a specific items for sale.

19) All of you have probably seen the flashing room list when someone were adding the bots in the room. Now adding the bots won't update the room list and create excessive traffic.

20) Now your longshots (besides wallshots, jumpshots, headshots) are also counted to your stats which you can always check on the site.

21) Removed the ESC and HOME buttons from the login screen. Now players can no longer skip the login procedure to stuck in the empty menu.

22) Fixed the teams display after finishing the game in gamemodes where midway teams swap was enabled (Original, Competitive).

23) Now the black EXP bar in the User Info will visually display a correct percentage of getting a new level.
Since orange EXP bar on top of the main menu were showing random values and I didn't find a way to fix it, that orange bar will visually display not the EXP but your level. Level 100 out of 200 (max level) will fill the bar for 50%.

24) Added an extra space between the map name and the game difficulty on top of the minimap (PVE gamemodes).

25) Changed positions of some UI elements for Zombie Commander, since they were overlapping each other on small screen resolutions. Obvious tips were removed from the screen of Zombie Commander.
Zombie Commander was nerfed (attempt to balance the forces).

26) Added following achievements and titles:
26.1) Highly flammable toy | Make a kill by exploding an oil barrel 25 times | 5.000 Points.
26.2) Saving bullet | Make а kill with the weapon's last bullet (no spare ammo) 20 times | 5.000 Points.
26.3) X-ray vision | Make a wallshot (kill through the wall) 125 times | 10.000 Points + Title: X-ray vision (blue).
26.4) Butcher | Make a kill with a melee weapon 330 times | 10.000 Points + Title: Butcher (blue).
26.5) MLG Sniper | Make a kill without zooming in a sniper rifle's scope 50 times | 7.500 Points + Title: MLG Sniper (green).
26.6) An awkward moment | Kill an enemy while he is reloading his weapon 35 times | 5.000 Points.
26.7) Embarrassing death | Die while reloading a weapon 35 times | 5.000 Points.
26.8) I can shoot a fly | Kill a jumped enemy (enemy is in the air) 35 times | 5.000 Points.
26.9) Don't aim a true sniper | Kill an enemy who is using a scope (any scoped weapon) with a sniper rifle 45 times | 5.000 Points.
26.10) Can't see me, eh? | Kill an enemy who is using a scope (any scoped weapon) with a melee weapon 23 times | 5.000 Points.
26.11) It's a trap | Kill 3 counter-terrorists who trying to defuse C4 in one round 15 times | 5.000 Points + Title: It's a trap (green).
26.12) I repeat, no bombing | Kill 3 terrorists (preferably players) who trying to plant C4 in one round 10 times | 5.000 Points.

27) "Skeletal Neon Gloves" has been added to "Gloves Case".

28) Added elemental damage (PVE gamemodes) to AK-47 Monster (Flame) and M4A1 Monster (Cold).

29) Moved "Sledgehammer SA2" from the buymenu of Kukri to Crowbar.

30) If player in Competitive gamemode kill 3 or more teammates he will be automatically kicked out of the game.

31) Added ability to select few weapon restrictions on Zombie Crush and Z Crush Side to make gameplay more challenging.

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